Spring on the Tahoe Rim Trail


a snowy run on the tahoe rim trail.2014-05-03 13.00.13-2

28 miles of trail, snow, some tears, a bit of laughter and the promise of new love.

JP and I started the d2014-05-03 13.04.27-1ay around 11am at Tunnel Creek Road, climbing up to the Flume Trail.

The Flume offers unparalleled views of Lake Tahoe and the surrounding peaks, still tipped in white. After about 8 miles, we reached Marlette Lake, around mile 8, where the trail meets up with the Tahoe Rim Trail.

2014-05-03 16.40.53-1

2014-05-03 16.42.48-1The lake was covered with patches of ice and the trail still had significant snow remaining.

We continued around the lake to the East shore and began running up through the aspens towards Marlette peak and the Hobart Campground, where we would get our water. A couple wrong turns and added miles due to the snow, but we eventually made it to our water and refilled the packs.2014-05-03 14.56.39-1

Climbing up and along Marlette Peak, we enjoyed the spectacular views of Marlette Lake with Lake Tahoe in the background.

2014-05-03 15.47.31-1

2014-05-03 15.53.21-1

We then ran back down past Marlette Lake, through the Aspens.

2014-05-03 16.23.12-1

The final run down the Flume to Tunnel Creek was fast and fun. It was a good day.

2014-05-03 17.09.40-1


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