Tahoe Rim Trail – Diamond Peak to Red House Loop and back

As of May 18, there was still a bit of snow behind Diamond Peak, and heading south towards Hobart from Tunnel Creek, so JP and I just did the climb up Diamond Peak over to Tunnel, the Red House Loop, and then came back down.  18.6 miles with 4,151′ climbing

the view from the Diamond Peak Climb
the view from the Diamond Peak Climb

so hungry
we sat on the chairlift for a break, unfortunately, I got 100s of shards of fiberglass in my legs and butt as a result.
picking up trash
IMG_8997[1] IMG_9082[1] IMG_9083[1] IMG_9084[1] IMG_9088[1] IMG_9090[1] IMG_9080[1] IMG_9094[1] IMG_9095[1] IMG_9099[1] photo

It was a good day.

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