The first year with Bruno

Just over a year ago, Roxy and Boomer had red golden retriever puppies. Roxy is our friend Angela’s dog and she invited us over “just to meet them”. Of course, we fell in love.

We brought Bruno home, and he quickly learned his place with Beverly, our 4-year old lab mix.

Bruno had fun getting to know our family and spending time with his littermates. Our friend Betsy took Bev and Bruno nearly every day for playdates and hikes with the other dogs in her care.

As the summer went on, we had fun hiking, camping, and swimming with Bruno. Bruno quickly surpassed Beverly in size.

Bruno was neutered a week before Christmas, and got to remove his cone on Christmas morning. Avian had lots of presents for him under the tree.

Bruno and his littermates turned 1 on January 13. Bruno’s favorite things include running, playing in the snow, watching movies, antagonizing Beverly, stealing any food off the counter (swiping the butter dish is always a favorite), eating sticks, rocks, socks, underwear, trash, bars of soap – you name it; playing with his best friend Eigen the puppy, sneaking into bed with us, and cuddling.

Bruno and Bev helping clear the trail


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