Afternoon at Wild Island

The last week of summer vacation… The reality hit hard this morning, and I decided we needed to Do Something Fun today. I called Jp and we settled on getting out of work early to take the kids to Wild Island, a water park just east of Reno.


The park was only open from 3:30-7, and there were hardly any people -it was in the high 80s, no lines- perfect conditions.


The last time I took the kids there, 2 years back, they were too young to go on any rides aside from the kiddie pool features. I had personally never been on water slides before, so this was new for the three of us. Fortunately Jp was an experienced professional and was able to take the mostly fearless SB and AB on whatever they desired.

Our first ride was a thrilling long slide that we raced down side by side, head first. From there, we decided this half-pipe looking thing looked like fun. We all climbed up the many flights of stairs to the platform, and avian immediately decided this was not for her. She walked back down but I felt like I had to do it if Stephen and JP could do it.

I had no idea what I was getting into, as you cannot see over the ledge from the platform. As soon as I got pushed in the tube over the ledge, I tensed up and thought “big mistake, huge mistake, gonna die, what was I thinking“…

Fully expecting to either (a) get thrown from the inner-tube and break a bone or several bones or (b) fly off the side of the half pipe and plummet to my death.

Instead, (a) my swimsuit bottom got pulled completely down, with my bare butt sticking out through the tube and (b) I received terrible whiplash from throwing my head around with each swing (couldn’t keep my chin to my chest as they had advised- something to do with g-forces).

After I finally came to a stop and dragged myself out of the water, JP pulled up my suit bottoms and led me away to help me calm down. I was starting to cry, I couldn’t stop shaking and my head and neck felt like something was seriously damaged. He helped me breathe through it though and low and behold, after three laps on the lazy river with the kids I was back at it and went on every ride (except two) and it was the Best Day Ever. Each time I got to the top of something (I’m terrified of heights) I told myself “this is for the kids”.








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