O Christmas Tree…

Although we are giving up many traditions this holiday season in order to keep our loved ones safe, one we are holding dear is the procurement and decorating of the Christmas Tree. The lights and decorations we’ve made or collected over time will remind us of special moments and give us hope for brighter days ahead. This leaves me reflecting on my own family’s tree traditions over time. Growing up in Upper Michigan, we drove out deep into the woodsRead more

Squallywood with the kids

My kids, Avian and Stephen, age 11, are currently taking a one-year sabbatical after being on ski team at Squaw since they were five. I am a beginner compared to them, but they still humor me once in awhile and agree to ski with me.  I love watching them on the hill- so carefree and happy. And I learned some of their tricks, including how to avoid long lift lines, how/where to get free cups of whipped cream (yes, fullRead more

Stephen and Avian’s Maple Syrup Slideshow

Here is a slideshow that Stephen and Avian presented in front of their 4th grade class, along with their introduction to maple syrup below the video. Papa Buckshot helped a lot with the content of the intro. Stephen: We went to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to make maple syrup with our Grandma Rosie and Papa Buckshot. Our family has been making Maple Syrup for nearly 60 years at our Sugar Bush. My great-great-great-great Uncle Elmer also produced Maple Syrup onRead more

Pigeon Point field trip

This past week, I had the amazing opportunity to tag along with my 4th grade twins’ class on a visit to Pigeon Point Lighthouse, on the California coast. I wasn’t one of the “lucky” parents selected in the lottery to be a chaperone, but I was able to book myself a private room at the lighthouse hostel,  join in on all the daytime activities, and get some free time to run and hike. After we arrived, two incredible outdoor educators,Read more

for love of horses

Avian has had a healthy obsession with horses for the past couple years. It seems to have begun a year ago Labor Day – we were picnicking at the beach at Bodega Bay, when I looked over and saw her riding bare back on the beach… seriously… She had met some people who brought their horses down to the beach for walks, and she asked them if she could go for a little ride. Fortunately, my friend’s husband, who hadRead more

Afternoon at Wild Island

The last week of summer vacation… The reality hit hard this morning, and I decided we needed to Do Something Fun today. I called Jp and we settled on getting out of work early to take the kids to Wild Island, a water park just east of Reno. The park was only open from 3:30-7, and there were hardly any people -it was in the high 80s, no lines- perfect conditions. The last time I took the kids there, 2Read more