Snow Days // Snow Daze

For over three years Beverly and Coco have barked at each other through the fence, running back and forth playing together, but always separated, by fate. Finally, last week, their relationship was changed forever by the snowbanks rising above the 6′ fence and allowing them to wrestle and play in the same yard. It’s all fun and games until Coco is not outside though, and Bev continues on into the street to search for fun elsewhere. She found herself inRead more

Shirley Canyon Hike after school

As the days were becoming longer and trails were opening up, the kids and I started going for hikes after school was out. This particular hike is in Shirley Canyon, in Squaw Valley, very close to Stephen and Avian’s school. I took Avian and her friend Amber. We covered about 3.5 miles, an out and back (or up and down rather), with many breaks to check out the creek and waterfalls.   Afterwards, we went to Fireside Pizza in theRead more