Snow Days // Snow Daze

For over three years Beverly and Coco have barked at each other through the fence, running back and forth playing together, but always separated, by fate. Finally, last week, their relationship was changed forever by the snowbanks rising above the 6′ fence and allowing them to wrestle and play in the same yard.

Just getting up and into the yard is a challenge, then Bev has to cross it to reach the fence

It’s all fun and games until Coco is not outside though, and Bev continues on into the street to search for fun elsewhere. She found herself in a compromising situation two nights ago.

That look when you’re trapped in a stranger’s garage because you ran away and caused a scene

Fortunately, a good Samaritan called us and we got her back home safely.

Sorry, Mom!

This morning, Squaw Valley announced they had exceeded the record for the “Snowiest Month on Record” – their upper mountain received 300″ in February alone, surpassing the previous record of 282″ in January of 2017.

Squaw Valley as seen during my run in mid-February, before they got like 10 more feet.


Meanwhile in Truckee, our students are enjoying snow day #9 for the school year. They’ve also had a week off for ski/skate week, in which we chose to neither ski nor skate, but play on the beach in Mexico.


It’s been an abrupt return back to reality.

Steve clearing the path to the backyard

I ventured out for a run around town this morning to check out the conditions. The roads were sloppy, but the bike path was even worse, so I stuck to running around town, trying to avoid the cars, many of whom would neither slow down, or move over, instead, preferring to pelt me with slush and snow and water.

Truckee River nice and full this morning
East River Street with snow piled nearly as high as the train
West River Street from the corner by Jax on the Tracks
The town is really doing a killer job trying to keep the sidewalks clear
The Truckee Hotel and Moody’s
Commercial Row
Jibboom Street, behind Totally Board
Coffeebar on Jibboom Street
Downtown Truckee from High Street
Downtown Truckee facing West
Our house. I got home from my run to find that Steve had shoveled, made breakfast, and had a chai latte ready for me! Spoiled!

Looking forward to the next storm!


Just kidding.

Our beautiful backyard, with our deck lights now dug out and visible again.


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