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Fall Equinox/ First Snow – Truckee, CA

It was the first snowstorm of the season yesterday, September 21, 2017, which appropriately (or inappropriately, depending on who you ask) fell on the Last Day of Summer/ Fall Equinox.

I’ve been melancholy lately at the thought of losing our trails to winter again, many of which have only recently melted out from last year’s unforgiving snow season.

But as the snow came down, instead of sadness, I was filled with excitement- and a strong desire to bake cookies and light a fire. I don’t know why I’d been dreading this day so much – I really do love the snow…

Photo Sep 21, 3 18 10 PM
Last Day of Summer Hot Tub Party. Stephen and his friend Jake.

The snowstorm was short-lived, but our mountains are still blanketed in beauty, and I’ve been listening to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons – Autumn throughout the day; embracing the changing seasons. Here are some shots from around town this morning, and Donner Pass/Castle Pass this afternoon.

Happy Autumn!

Photo Sep 22, 8 00 23 AM
View from the Trout Creek Trail, Downtown Truckee, California
Photo Sep 22, 8 02 31 AM
View from the Trout Creek Trail, Downtown Truckee, California
Photo Sep 22, 3 30 50 PM
Running up towards Castle Pass this afternoon. Near Donner Pass and Truckee, California
Photo Sep 22, 3 30 44 PM
View from Castle Pass, looking South towards Anderson Peak, Tinker Knob, and Squaw Valley.
Photo Sep 22, 3 45 43 PM
Castle Pass, as the clouds break up and the sun starts to shine.
Photo Sep 22, 3 36 22 PM
Despite the snowy trees, the trails up to Castle Pass were mostly dry by the afternoon.
Photo Sep 22, 3 47 22 PM
Wildflowers with snowy Castle Peak behind.

Soundtrack for today:

A Day in the Life… Truckee

It’s Wednesday of “Ski/Skate Week” in Truckee, CA – this is normally a week-long break from school for families to take advantage of winter recreation, but since the kids have already had 12 snow days since January 3, the school district decided to schedule some make-up time Wed-Fri. In true Truckee fashion, a massive, 3-day storm system came through and wrecked havoc on the district’s good intentions.

Moving snow on Brockway Road, downtown Truckee

The freeway has been closed intermittently for the past couple of days, many neighborhoods are without power, most of the schools had a 2-hour delayed start this morning, and one of the schools is closed due to power outage. Not many people got to ski/skate yet this week, as the mountains were closed off and on due to insane winds (Squaw clocked wind speeds over 190 mph Monday night!)

This morning we woke up to another 9″ of fresh powder since last night, which brings our 3 day total to about 3′ at the house. I went for a run this morning to check out the scenes around town, and make sure the office had power before going into work- it did, temporarily anyways.

Despite the inconveniences, we’ve been graced with the most spectacular bluebird day… and the power’s out (again!), so it’s time to head outside and play.

Ponderosa drive, which was closed last night due to downed power lines
“Where the streets have no names”
this vacant lot is so much prettier when it’s buried
looking South towards Cottonwood Restaurant from Brockway Road
Truckee River
Truckee River
Commercial Row
mural on the Post Office building, Bridge Street
The Truckee Hotel, with a massive pile of snow on Bridge Street
Snowy Totally Board on Bridge Street
Jibboom Street
corner of Spring and Jibboom
Flower sculptures near the New Rec Center
my neighborhood, Ponderosa Palisades
JP’s house up the street
Ponderosa Drive (the snow this morning was the perfect depth for running fyi)
Home Sweet Home (and  I’m happy to find the mailbox again)

Postcards from Truckee

It was a near miss for me this morning – I ran while it was still dark, and the kids and I lollygagged a bit too long making breakfast and just barely missed (what I can only assume to be) a magnificent sunrise on the drive to school.

I’m in love with the tall snowbanks along our streets right now – I feel like a little kid driving or running around town. We used to have to drive up to Tahoe Donner to see snowbanks taller than the cars – not anymore.

Despite missing the sunrise, I still took some photos from our drive to work and school this morning. Because the views in Truckee are always pretty nice.

As we drove into downtown Truckee, the trees behind Commercial Row were glowing
the old Catholic Church
Flower sculpture near the new Rec Center
from High Street, looking Southwest
Train through downtown Truckee on a frosty (14 degrees) morning
I think it’s pretty awesome that the path to the Rocking Stone is shoveled
layer of fog below Mount Rose. Photo taken from the Rocking Stone on High Street
quiet morning in Downtown Truckee
My office is just below this picture
view from my office

Truckee in the snow-January 23, 2017

You know it’s bad when your sixth graders say “I hope it’s not another snow day tomorrow”

The record-breaking snow continues… Not sure how much we got last night, but I can tell you that my car wasn’t able to leave the driveway so I had to run to work. Wearing knee-high gaiters and spikes on my shoes, of course (the roads were somewhat plowed but I needed the gaiters to get out of my driveway). Today was Snow Day #10 for the kids…

We have no heat in our office (but the power works, so Mone’ brought us a space heater). My neighbor had to crawl out her window because the plow guy sprayed snow on her front deck and blocked her door from opening. I can’t find my mailbox.

It’s crazy here, but we love it. Here are some pics from my run to work this morning.

Hard to tell how deep the snow is, but my mailbox is gone and I’m not sure where to look exactly.
Car not going anywhere today. And there’s a big berm at end of driveway.
running to work on Palisades… cheering on the plow guys, who rock.
heading down Brockway Rd into old town Truckee – Cottonwood restaurant on the left.
Had to hold the camera over my head to see over the bridge to the Truckee River
Riverside Drive
Dark Horse Coffee on Riverside drive – note the massive berm blocking access to the main road (Bridge St)
Another hero plow driver on Bridge Street. Truckee Hotel behind.
Sidewalk downtown Truckee – in front of Bar of America
Squeeze Inn
Cooking Gallery
Spring Street and Jibboom Street
Corner of Spring and Donner Pass Road
CoffeeBar – like the benches carved out of the snow?
California 89 shop
sidewalk in front of Marg’s Taco
El Toro Bravo
Donner Pass Road in front of my office
Our office on the right
view from my office window


That’s Susie (co-worker) down by her car, on Donner Pass Road

And there we were, at work, huddled around the space heater. None of the HVAC people could get to us, so I called on a friend, and JP (Prince Electric) made a special trip over to fix the furnace. As the office began to heat up, the sun came out, and my run home was even more spectacular…

California 89 store again… this time a little more cheerful
stopped by the train depot to see how they were holding up
train coming into town with some crazy puffy clouds hiding Mt. Rose
Truckee River in its bluebird glory
Happy to see the sidewalk was plowed on Ponderosa
My neighbors’ house (the one who had to crawl out her window because the door was blocked)
our house. still no mailbox in sight.
My beautiful daughter baked me a cake while i was at work
And the grand finale… I just found the mailbox! And there was even mail in it!!