Februburied 2019 – Truckee, California

February 1, 2019. The calm before the storm.
Photo Feb 01, 6 58 10 AM

The warnings were clear – this was going to be a doozy!


Friday afternoon, the rain began… it was snowing gently up high, so I got out for a night snowshoe hike while Stephen trained at Woodward. We already had a good base, thanks to a hearty January:

Photo Feb 01, 8 15 34 PM

Saturday morning, it was a mix of rain/snow/sleet. We went for a hike in Squaw before Avian joined Stephen at the mountain.

Photo Feb 02, 8 39 20 AM

Over the next couple of days and nights, we got HAMMERED. Beverly loved it.

Photo Feb 04, 12 24 20 PM

The warning from the National Weather Service intensified to a Blizzard rating from Sunday-Monday, and the freeway (Interstate 80) closed for more than 24 hours. Steve and I worked hard shoveling to keep the important things clear and accessible:

Photo Feb 04, 3 15 51 PM

Steve, originally from Orange County, turned out to be a champion with a shovel.


Meanwhile, Stephen found new ways to terrify me. I didn’t exactly condone his behavior, but I told myself that videos would help the doctors assess the damage if something went wrong:

Photo Feb 04, 4 52 06 PM

Avian decided to help her dad and make a little money shoveling, but then realized, you really can’t put a price on this stuff:

Many restaurants and businesses closed down, but Moody’s in downtown Truckee was still open, so Steve and I got out to celebrate his birthday.

Photo Feb 04, 9 07 47 PM

Photo Feb 04, 9 07 02 PM

We came home to a magical backyard scene (and more shoveling, before bed):

Photo Feb 04, 10 00 30 PM

Photo Feb 04, 9 59 54 PM

The next morning, we shoveled out, for snowday #2, and Steve got on the road as soon as it reopened.

Photo Feb 05, 8 20 01 AM

Photo Feb 05, 12 01 03 PM

Our neighborhood looked simply magical, although it is a bit challenging to find the houses now.

Photo Feb 05, 11 58 33 AM

My friend Mike drove up from Reno to help with the shoveling efforts.

Photo Feb 05, 12 05 07 PM

Over the next couple hours, he cleared us a nice wide path to the backyard. Now we will be ready for the next storm, which is scheduled to hit this weekend!

I love living here!

Photo Feb 06, 8 49 09 AM


6 responses to Februburied 2019 – Truckee, California

  1. Bettye says:

    What beautiful pictures!!! Your roof looks just like ours until I saw Stephen on it. No way my Steven going on our roof… they let go and slide at the most inopportune times 🤣… stay safe and keep enjoying the snow. That was delightful 😄


    • jenellep says:

      Thanks Bettye, and yes, OMG – he was driving me crazy! My boyfriend couldn’t even look. “Tell me when he’s done”. Hard to keep a boy like Stephen on the ground for long though. 🙂


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