It’s all in your head (Way Too Cool 50k 2016)

The 2016 Way Too Cool 50k was wet, enjoyable and overall quite lovely, but the lasting memories this year were not within the race as much as from the preceding months of training. I look forward to running ultras because when the race starts all of my problems, fears and worries disappear and all there is to do is run, drink, and eat. After months of challenges in real life, being able to completely escape into a run was a reward more than crossing the finish line. So this is less of a race report, and more of a WTC training memoir.Read more

Sometimes getting to the start is the hardest part

In the months leading up to the Way Too Cool 50k, I felt like I had finally overcome some nagging injuries (PF in both feet), and I had a good shot at pulling off a decent time. But these last couple weeks had really thrown me off my mental game, between work and some high-stress personal crap. Even though I felt like I had put in the time training, I know that for me, the mental aspect of running anRead more