Thanksgiving at Camp Whiskey Jack

Papa’s camp, aka Camp Whiskey Jack, originally built around 1905 and acquired by the Potvins in 1944, sits on a couple of 40s (40-acre parcels) in the middle of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Every year since my dad was a kid, the men of the family have headed to camp for Opening Day of Deer Hunting Season (a holiday in the U.P.), and the women joined the following week for the days surrounding Thanksgiving. My parents continued this traditionRead more

trailrunning in the keweenaw

11 miles, 1,273 feet climbing.  Keweenaw Peninsula, Upper Michigan. Love this place. Miles and miles of perfect soft trails in the Copper Country, on a 2 hour run, I only saw one other group of people. I ran with my little sister Lynette, who historically, has always been slower than me, but this time I got my ass kicked. I wasn’t too happy about that, and since she didn’t seem to want to wait for me I let her goRead more