Backpacking on Donner Pass

mom, will you take me backpacking? Shocked to hear these words uttered by my 8-year old hiking-averse son, I jumped at the chance. We set out from the PCT trailhead near I–80, and took the Glacial Loop trail to the PCT. Another trail off the PCT, to the right, led us to Lake Angela and eventually Flora Lake, our destination. We swam, explored, swam some more, and had a peaceful night. Will definitely return for more. It was about four milesRead more

Summit Canyon-Donner Pass-Tinker Knob- Coldstream Canyon

My kids have been away on vacation for two weeks, and each day apart the ache in my heart (and lately my stomach) increases. The pain is almost overwhelming, and the only thing I thought would make me feel better was a long trail run. Or, as long as I could handle, coming off of a 50 mile race last weekend. Perhaps I wasn’t quite ready yet. We started at the Summit canyon trailhead near the bottom of old HwyRead more

Warren Lake Trail Loop

13.6 miles, 2,746 ft gain, Start and Finish at the PCT Trailhead South of I-80. Chaz, Chris, Bill and JP.  I have always loved the Warren Lake Trail, and this evening run did not disappoint. Our original plan was to do an out and back to Warren Lake,   but when we got to the intersection of the Warren Lake and Devil’s Oven trails, we decided to make it more interesting and do a loop instead, which brought us byRead more

Coldstream Canyon

Coldstream Canyon to PCT and back. 16.1 miles, 2,803 ft gain. I did this solo run the morning before I left for a 2 week trip to Michigan via train, with my 7 year old twins. Felt like I needed to get some energy out before being trapped in a train for 48 hours with my super hyper children. It worked for me, although I wish I would have done the same for them! Parked at Donner State Park, followedRead more