Robinson Flat to Michigan Bluff

Bright and early Saturday morning, Gretchen and I drove to Auburn, to meet Chaz and our friend Bill, who had generously agreed to drive us out to Robinson Flat, so we could do a one-way run on the Western States trail. We had left a car in Foresthill, which was about 34 miles down the trail, using the route we took (with a little add-on).

Chaz, Gretchen, and I ready for an adventure in the Canyons

Bill left us at the trailhead, and we began our journey, first stop was the Duncan Peak Fire Lookout on Little Bald Mountain.

Less than 1 mile after coming down from the lookout, Chaz very loudly rolled his ankle, crashing down to the trail in pain. Our options were limited- if we turned back to go to Robinson Flat, we would have no ride out. If we continued on, the soonest place he could possibly get a ride was another 15 or so miles. Most people would have taken this turn of events badly- we were less than 3 miles in to a 30+ mile run. Chaz however, sucked it up and powered through, accepting it with a smile. Even when we made fun of him for taking a small short cut. 🙂

He was able to cut some sections a little short, and  we took our time, stopping frequently to enjoy the scenery and take a crap load of pictures of each other. It was the perfect day- 29 miles for Gretchen and I, about 26 for Chaz. Our new friends Jerome and Cindy gave us a ride from Michigan Bluff to Foresthill, and there was a small party with pizza in the parking lot- best way to end our run. We hit Joe Caribe for dinner before Gretchen and I headed back to Truckee.

4 responses to Robinson Flat to Michigan Bluff

  1. Gretchen says:

    Thanks for the awesome day on the trail! I think I’m going to make that pine cone picture my new facebook profile photo.


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