Speed workout – 800s

2015-04-04 15.05.51-1
our one-building schoolhouse from grades K-12. Ah, the memories

There is nothing better than the post- speedwork feeling of accomplishment (unless while doing said speedwork, you discover that your sister, traditionally slower than you, is now faster). Many times, I will go for a slow 45 min run, and feel sort of lazy and worthless afterwards. But after a speedy session, I feel like I am ALIVE, and the high lasts long after my shower.

While visiting Michigan, I convinced my sister, who had never tried speedwork, to accompany me to the local track at the school we attended K-12 (with no track at the time, unfortunately).
my sister Lynette, running faster than me

My favorite track workout has always been 800s, because it is so straightforward and easy to keep track of, so this is what we set out to do. (I first learned about these in Hal Higdon’s marathon training program)


1 mile warmup
800m (2 laps) hard
2 minute cool down
800m hard
2 minute cool down
(repeat as desired, with the goal of getting faster each time)
1 mile cool down.

First time trying this, you might only want to do 3 or 4 800s. Over the weeks, build up to 6-10 800s.

We started with a 1-mile easy warmup, and then ran 800s as hard as we could, with 2 minutes of cool down in between. To both of our surprise, my sister pulled ahead of me in the first 800 with no problem. The next 2 sets, I inched closer, and in our 4th and final 800, I passed her (thank GOD). Either she was being really nice, knowing it was the last set, or she was tired, or I had actually gotten faster further into the workout. Regardless, it was super fun, and a great workout to share before we went home and binged on Easter candy the rest of the afternoon.

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