Milwaukee to Truckee on Amtrak – the return trip

After 8 wonderful days with family in Michigan, Stephen, Avian and I headed to Milwaukee with my mom and Aunt Margaret to begin our 48 hour journey back to California.

Aunt Margaret provided entertainment on the 4-hour drive to our hotel, and brilliantly taught AB and SB how to crochet chains out of yarn (hours and hours of fun for the train).

2013-08-11 14.51.55-2
Stephen, Aunt Margaret, and Avian and a whole lot of yarn

We stayed in downtown Milwaukee and had a nice evening walking around by the river.

2013-08-11 19.14.06-1
Aunt Margaret, Avian, Stephen, and my Mom


The next morning, I was lucky enough to get in a 13 mile run before we headed to the train station. My route took me along the river

running/walking path along the river in Milwaukee
running/walking path along the river in Milwaukee



to a beautiful park on Lake Michigan.

lighthouse on Lake Michigan
lighthouse on Lake Michigan

We arrived at the train station and said our goodbyes to Aunt Margaret and Grandma Rosie.

2013-08-12 10.37.47-2

On the trip out, we had been able to upgrade to a larger sleeper room, but this time, none were available. I was somewhat nervous about staying in a little room together, but I told the kids it was our only option and we had to make it work. The first leg, from Milwaukee to Chicago, went off without a hitch, aside from a good cry fest by all three of us, as we pulled away from the train station and Grandma Rosie.

Milwaukee to Chicago via train
Milwaukee to Chicago via train

The train ride home was worlds better than the way out. We spent many hours crocheting,

2013-08-13 08.35.43

playing games, reading – doing all the things I had envisioned before the start of the vacation.

pounding hot chocolate in pajamas
pounding hot chocolate in pajamas

Stephen and Avian were able to share the little bunk bed without any major fights,

2013-08-13 06.56.54
bedtime on Amtrak

And the scenery was spectacular.

2013-08-13 16.56.38
scenes from the Zephyr
2013-08-13 18.42.32-1
Avian in her new hat, crocheted on the train
2013-08-13 15.05.46
Avian took this shot of the front of the train

I instilled a new fitness program during the return trip, every time we were able to get off the train, the kids and I would walk the platform at least once. If they didn’t want to walk that far they could do pushups and jumping jacks.

2013-08-13 08.52.13
How to stay sane on a train trip

In Denver, Stephen ran about 1 mile with me.

2013-08-13 08.48.59
SB running down back to the train

It was a trip we will always remember.

2013-08-13 13.33.43


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