Isle Royale Part 4 – Raspberry Island

(for more information on Isle Royale, see parts 1, 2, and 3)

Sunday morning, my parents, sister, daughter and I set out in the Universal Special from Mott Island to Raspberry Island.

Photo Aug 13, 6 13 16 PM
Lynette (captain) and Ave on the Universal Special

The old boat was taking on a lot of water, and the bilge wasn’t really working, so my dad and I took turns using a hand pump to bail out the water, then racing up to the front of the boat (where I took this pic) so the back wouldn’t sink. The boat could only go about 7 MPH with all of us in it. All of this made for a bit of an exciting trip to Raspberry Island, which my sister had said was her favorite place in Isle Royale.

Photo Aug 13, 10 46 04 AM
Captain Net bailing water while Buckshot takes the wheel.

We pulled up to the dock, and it was apparent we had the entire place to ourselves. We set out at a very leisurely pace, thoroughly enjoying and appreciating the diversity of the island.


Raspberry Island Trail
Avian on Raspberry Island, checking out Lake Superior
These flowers growing among the rocks, at the edge of the big lake, are anything but delicate.
The old man and the sea
My dad is pretty agile at 76 – very inspiring
Fireweed on Raspberry Island


I could spend all day here

After checking out the rocky shoreline, Lynette led us up the trail and into the Boreal forest.

Avian, Lynette, and my mom, Rose, on the Raspberry Island Trail
Indian Pipe, Avian and Lynette
Indian Pipe


My dad went missing for a short time, but we soon learned what he had discovered. The name of the island doesn’t lie.

Trail snacks. Raspberries on Raspberry Island.

After wandering around the perimeter of the island, we took an inner loop trail through the bog.

Lynette and my mom, Rose, in the enchanted bog
Lynette teaching us about the carnivorous plants
Flower of the Pitcher Plant, a carnivorous bog plant
Canadian Bunchberry
Hawkweed (Hieracium)
moss everywhere
Wild Iris


We completed our 1.5 mile hike on Raspberry Island and headed to the big island to look for moose (see Isle Royale, Part 5 – Three Mile hike).

raspberry island map

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