Isle Royale Part 5 – Three Mile Hike

(for more stories from my trip to Isle Royale, see parts 123, and 4)

It was Day 3 on Isle Royale National Park and although I’d already had 7 moose sightings (on solo runs), my parents and daughter were missing out. Lynette took us by boat to Three Mile, where we tied up to the dock, and headed out on a 3-mile loop.

Photo Aug 13, 1 45 34 PM
The hike started out along the rocky, blueberry covered shore
Photo Aug 13, 2 53 33 PM
It was slow-going, because I couldn’t stop eating the blueberries
Photo Aug 13, 1 57 28 PM
Heading inland, towards a lake. Speaking in whispers, or not at all, in hopes of seeing moose.
Photo Aug 13, 2 39 56 PM
There are many long boardwalks through the boggy sections.
Photo Aug 13, 2 40 16 PM
Lynette educating us in the swamp
Photo Aug 13, 2 48 16 PM
bees love Isle Royale
My mom, Rose, climbing through a cave that was part of the trail
not a moose, but still pretty sweet

We reached an inland lake, and the whispering ceased. We would need to be really quiet if we wanted to see a moose.

I heard a distinct sound – like something heavy moving through the water. I waved to Avian and Lynette to stop – shhhh – look – Lynette led us very quietly down an animal trail that led to the water, and sure enough, Avian saw her first moose, standing next to an island in the middle of the lake, taking a drink. It probably goes without saying that we would have missed this moose entirely if we hadn’t been very softly creeping through the forest, on full alert.

Moose hanging out at an island (35x zoom)
Photo Aug 13, 2 05 34 PM
(this is how far we were from the moose- it was standing in the water in front of this island)

My parents also saw the moose, before it got in the water and swam across the lake (I later learned that moose can swim at a pace of six miles per hour for 2 hours at a time!). I took about four pictures of the moose and then my camera battery died before I could get any more. Technology.

Photo Aug 13, 2 18 42 PM
quiet contemplation

We continued down the trail, frequently stopping to check out sounds, hoping for more moose. The entire length of the lake, we were serenaded by the haunting call of the loon, which became louder and clearer the closer we got to it. This peaceful one mile walk along the lake was one of my favorite hiking experiences ever.

Photo Aug 13, 2 57 25 PM
The writing on the wall, in one of the primitive cabins on Isle Royale.

We returned to the boat and headed back to Mott Island.

Photo Aug 13, 6 11 09 PM
Me and Ave, on the return to Mott Island
Photo Aug 13, 6 25 32 PM
Avian helping Captain Net secure the boat for the night

Lynette and I had big plans for the next day – we would boat to Daisy Farm, then run a 21 mile loop. Avian would get to hang out with her girlfriends, and my parents would have some down time for hiking and relaxing. Next up: Isle Royale Part 6 – 21 mile run on the big island

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