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Fall Equinox/ First Snow – Truckee, CA

It was the first snowstorm of the season yesterday, September 21, 2017, which appropriately (or inappropriately, depending on who you ask) fell on the Last Day of Summer/ Fall Equinox.

I’ve been melancholy lately at the thought of losing our trails to winter again, many of which have only recently melted out from last year’s unforgiving snow season.

But as the snow came down, instead of sadness, I was filled with excitement- and a strong desire to bake cookies and light a fire. I don’t know why I’d been dreading this day so much – I really do love the snow…

Photo Sep 21, 3 18 10 PM
Last Day of Summer Hot Tub Party. Stephen and his friend Jake.

The snowstorm was short-lived, but our mountains are still blanketed in beauty, and I’ve been listening to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons – Autumn throughout the day; embracing the changing seasons. Here are some shots from around town this morning, and Donner Pass/Castle Pass this afternoon.

Happy Autumn!

Photo Sep 22, 8 00 23 AM
View from the Trout Creek Trail, Downtown Truckee, California
Photo Sep 22, 8 02 31 AM
View from the Trout Creek Trail, Downtown Truckee, California
Photo Sep 22, 3 30 50 PM
Running up towards Castle Pass this afternoon. Near Donner Pass and Truckee, California
Photo Sep 22, 3 30 44 PM
View from Castle Pass, looking South towards Anderson Peak, Tinker Knob, and Squaw Valley.
Photo Sep 22, 3 45 43 PM
Castle Pass, as the clouds break up and the sun starts to shine.
Photo Sep 22, 3 36 22 PM
Despite the snowy trees, the trails up to Castle Pass were mostly dry by the afternoon.
Photo Sep 22, 3 47 22 PM
Wildflowers with snowy Castle Peak behind.

Soundtrack for today: